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Happy Valentines Day James  / Denise Kneale (angel friends )

Dear James, have a great Valentines Day with all our Angels, lighting up our skies and sending down love, peace and strength to your precious family.

Love is the closest a human can get to knowing how an Angel feels inside.

Love and Blessings Denise mum to James. xxx

Happy Thanksgiving For Dear James And His Family  / Denise Kneale (angel friends )

Dear James,
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving in Heaven, sending lots of love, peace and strength to your precious family.
Love and Blessings Denise mum to James. xxx
Happy Halloween James  / Denise Kneale (angel friends )

Thinking of you James on Halloween.  If you find my James and his 4 buddies, you can all celebrate lighting up our skies with love.
Love and Blessings Denise mum to James. xxx
just googling  / Adrienne Egan Leus (none known )
My father James Egan passed on December 1, 2006.  

He was from Pittsburgh, PA

Moved to Texas in the 60's

I just wanted to tell you your Memorial is sweet.

My James Egan is missed too!  Bless you all and I hope your hearts are healing.

Kindest regards,
Happy St. Paddy's Day To James And His Dear Family  / Denise Kneale

Thinking of you all. James please wrap your wings around your precious family, so that they may feel the peace you do.
Love and Blessings Denise mum to James Kneale xxx
I saw a butterfly and thought of you  / Ellie Wood (Daughter)

I saw a beautiful butterfly at your house hovering near the door.  It seemed to stay for quite a while and did not seemed bothered to have me near.  I instinctively called out, "Dad" because I also felt that you were near.  The butterfly waited another minute longer and then flew away.  Seeing the butterfly helped to ease some of the pain of missing you.

I love you,
Saddened / Dick Israel

March 11, 2005
I am deeply saddened to learn of Jim's passing. Carol and I convey our condolences to you and the family. I will notify our old crowd in Cleveland.
Dick Israel
   Dick Israel (Rockville, MD )
Sympathy / Linda Phalen
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.
   Linda Phalen (Sterling, MA )


Sympathy / John And Helen Kelley
 March 12, 2005
 We are deeply sorry at the passing of such a fine man. He is a great father and grandfather.
   John and Helen Kelley (Kilmarnock, VA ) 
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